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A booking tree is an OPTION and just another idea for you to use.  
The company offers Hostess Rewards, so don't feel like this is something you
have to use in order to get bookings.  It's just another idea.

A booking tree is usually made from a photo stand.  
Cards are attached as shown below.  You can add specific dates you are wanting
to fill, your potential hostess' contact information or whatever you chose to use.  
In one I have seen (Director Sonya Prue), a ticket was made with $15 printed on
the front.  Guests who booked were given them to use at their shows as an
extra incentive.
Others have taped pictures to the back (plug in warmer, Scentsy  Circle, etc).   
ONE THAT HOSTESS HAS HER SHOW, she receives her extra gift.
Donna Meuli
Independent Scentsy Consultant
(316 688-1435
This booking tree was done by the
very creative Madilyn Boothe.
Picture taken from the above
website link
Using Scentsy colors, Savvy
(Jessica Cash) made her booking
tree very eye catching